Aweso Classic

Thanks to its flexibility and versatility, the Aweso Classic shelving system is indispensable for the upscale shop-fitting and interior fitting of living space, in libraries, offices, warehouses as well as in restaurants, in hospitals and laboratories, where highest demands are placed on hygiene.

The superiority of the Aweso slide rails and brackets is founded on a unique design with exclusive features.

- Mandrels are used to accurately position the brackets in number adjusting holes; the brackets are then securely anchored in the slide rail with a twist action. Once the bracket is properly locked, it will not be released - even if it is lifted unintentionally.

- Thanks to precision levelling any bracket can be continuously and precisely adjusted to reach a horizontal position.

- The large number of lockable drawers, which are slid onto the bracket base, offers optimum solutions for individual requirements.



Shelf system



  • Channels
  • Brackets
  • Wardrobe fittings
  • Mirror rails
  • For trays made of glass, wood or metal


Application areas

  • Shop-fitting
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Living space
  • Catering
  • Libraries
  • Warehousing
  • Healthcare
  • Walk-in wardrobes