Ventilated glass façades
with Aweso Scalo® systems

Wednesday, 5. July 2017

Sustainable alternatives to conventional systems!

Modern glass façade with Aweso Scalo


Ventilated glass façades made from up to 100% recyclable materials are possible with Aweso fasteners. There are no limits to re-use of either the glass façade panes, insulating materials made from mineral/glass wool and/or foam glass or the aluminium fasteners. This means that ventilated glass façades with Aweso fasteners constitute a sustainable alternative to composite systems constructed with customary heat insulation. ‘Traditional’ thermal insulation systems using polystyrene/styropor may in fact be treated with flame retardants that are suspected of being detrimental to health and thus prohibited. Insulation panels of this kind may not be recycled; rather, they must be disposed of separately.

In addition to sustainability, a layered glass façade has the following benefits:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • Considerable long-term benefits and, thus, concomitant return on investment
  • Good resistance to light, the elements and weather, colour-fast
  • Low-maintenance (easy cleaning and care)
  • Low danger of damage from damp/mould formation due to the ventilation principle


A glass façade is permanently colour-fast and the surface is resistant to damage, while conventional façades with composite insulation systems may succumb to the formation of moss within a few years, becoming unsightly and requiring a new coating.


With its Aweso Scalo systems Aweso has, for many years, been offering suitable structural systems for various ventilated glass façades. Our Aweso Scalo S system possesses DIBT general building control certification and has been tested to meet the requirements of TRAV impact-resistance tests.

The various Aweso Scalo system variations can accommodate pane structures and glass thicknesses from 8 - 24 mm.


The powder coating can be produced to the requirements of the customer. Many project variations for specific buildings have been achieved already.


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