Counter system with fire protection
Aweso StopFlamm® EI 30

Aweso StopFlamm counter systems protect people and property against fire, smoke and heat. The intelligent design provides safety even in extreme cases. In case of fire, the system automatically seals and prevents flames, smoke and heat spreading. Insulated profiles and fire-protected glass keep the surface temperature within a safe range.

An Aweso StopFlamm counter can be integrated into a building to fulfil architectural desires. It is available in various designs and a choice of colours from our standard program. Requests for custom designs can be implemented within the approval scope.

With VKF (Cantonal Fire Insurance Association) approval as a fire protection application, Aweso StopFlamm fire protection counters remove the need for time-consuming clarification and approval processes.



Counter system with fire protection



  • Parallel slider
  • VKF approved for CH
  • Top rolling
  • 15-20 mm Pyrostop
  • Hmax = as per approval



  • Closure: Insert lock, cylinder lock


Application areas

  • Reception
  • Sales counters
  • Goods issuing
  • Reception desks