Aweso Aperto® 268 sash counter unit

Excellent functionality and simple design with clean lines characterise our Aweso Aperto lifting counter fittings. Integrated counterweights and various closure options ensure a high level of comfort. The classically elegant appeal is underlined by the small lateral space requirement. This makes optimum use of existing presentation and work space. The optional motorised drive helps to further enhance the convenience factor. Quiet operation of the vibration-free design is an additional quality feature of our systems.

Aweso Aperto lifting counters visually upgrade the reception desk and providing an attractive and protective finish. Customers feel welcome and experience a positive first impression. Street cafés and garden or view restaurants gain more functionality with Aweso vertical sliding windows featuring elements that are child's play to move. Live the exclusive dream even for residential properties.





Fittings for sash counter units



  • Sash counter / Vertical sliding window
  • Aluminum/steel design
  • Seven different types
  • Various glazings (TSG, insulating glass, fire protection glass, etc.)

  • Mass production
  • Virtually unlimited dimensions



  • With skylight
  • Motor operated
  • With fire protection
  • With dust seal
  • Without counterweight
  • Different handles and locks
  • With fixed side parts


Application areas

  • reception
  • sales counters
  • goods issuing
  • hatches
  • Residential building

  • Cleanrooms