Aweso Aperto® 262/264

Aweso Aperto counter systems with suspended sliding doors offer great variety and appeal with a timelessly elegant design. Various functional details allow customisation to suit individual circumstances and meet your requirements for a premium counter system.

Whether a reception counter is implemented with full glass sliding element or with a frame, the focus is always on contact with the visitor. Smooth-sliding doors make using them a delight.

The high-quality materials and workmanship in Aweso quality guarantee years of trouble free operation.





Fittings for suspended sliding elements



  • Parallel slider
  • Top rolling
  • 6 mm ESG
  • Hmax = 1500 mm
  • Sash weight max. 40 kg (type 262)
  • Sash weight max. 60 kg (type 264)



  • With/without aluminium frame (type 262)
  • With steel frame (type 264)
  • With/without dust seal (type 262)
  • Closure: Insert lock, cylinder lock


Application areas

  • reception
  • sales counters
  • kitchen cabinets
  • goods issuing
  • reception desks